Fun Facts!

1. Chanson D’automnne

The first stanza of “Chanson d’automne” was used as a secret message by BBC to alert the French Resistance to the start of D-Day operations in World War II.

2.  Denim

French is everywhere!   the material for denim  came from city in France called “Nîmes”  from in French is “De”  .  so the material “comes from Nîmes”  in french is “De Nîme” aka Denim!

3. In tennis… the word for zero points is “Love” . Love-15/ Love- 30 etc… Why? French is everywhere of course! love comes from the French “l’oeuf” which means egg… we have heard of “a big goose egg” meaning nothing… this is similar… L’oeuf morphed into “Love” !

4. Reveille– in the army– to wake the soldiers up… it’s called that because “se Reveiller” is to wake up in French

5. Barbecue— the word comes from the indigenous people from Martinique who would cook their meet in a grill called a Barbacoa— word evolved to our BBQ !